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definitely loing out for you. >>n:on,aif a kiont ntt lvthder mo'sicesti band anointed one. >> we were the last thing on their target list to remove from benghazi. >> the benghazi whistle-blower breaks his silence. who told you what whe ple imonapl ay avu e knge. i sit before, can you afford four more? >> these numbers don't smell right. >> sean: america's top business leaders are speaking out with a resounding no. >> every busins guy in the >>n: totffghted ora
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llemfaveam i here. and he has a message for the obama white house. >> they put a target on my son's back. >> sean: all of that, plus you get an exclusive first look at prerfas twenty 2. "hannity" starts right here, right now. new round of national polls show that governor mitt romney is leading president obama. woe will have the numbers in just a moment. but first, in 24ours fro ghowe-idjo dedonsmauan wnge kentucky, for their very first and only debate of this election cycle. it is likely to be epic battle from our gafferone ce-pside and man nsedbe oe igt snheit rt ere a mbf critical questions that the vice-president should be asked. he like his boss has been in office nearly four years.
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he has failed to put americans back to work. ma ameertheas also failed d a. ofrs h $6 trillion in new debt. i am hoping that the missteps that the president and vice-president have made are not shrugged underhe rug. he shoulbe askedo explain the cnt ond benan rse xea tiool? s what? yes, we do. how they can justify raising taxes in the middle class that has been buried the last four years... how in lord's na, can they justify? e' gng t l tig sirul unchwall street! they are going to put you back in chains. >> bause of the decisns he has made... and the incredible strength of the american pe,meas rnhene
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erd au >> sean: all right. if that joe biden shows up tomorrow, it will be a very entertaining 90 minutes of television. meanwhile, new polls theomney surge continues, tsois laba prm. ti ago, which shows that governor romney has wrestled the lead from the president, thanks to a six-point swing after the meltdown in mile high in denver. we are seeing that movement in several oatlls thneeaasroo points among lickly voters n. this reuters poll, we are seeing the lead over the president for the first time this election season. there is good news for team obama as it relates to the ttleoundte iea ne stngta iichigan, pennsylvania special wisconsin. scott rasmussen has the race in a dead heat in new hampshire,
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tied at 48%. the same for nevada, a state that oma ey ced i whhoeonight. finally, tee critical states to discuss, ohio, florida and virginia. now, we caneporthat the latest rasmussen surveys show that governor rney i leading virginia andlid cog pfr iceshup rnls ts incumbent in the critical swing state of ohio, 48-47. let's hope the trend continues. joining me with a preview of the debate, romney adviser, new hampshire gnoohun >>d ac s be w te id an excuse -- i call him president cry baby because he blames kiosk, atm machines, tsunamis, karl rove, fox news, talk radio for his failedpolicies. wathere inebe whahaened at the
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debate...: everybody wants to know, was that -- was that some kind of genius strategy to rope al my... mylack friend whoim is say that the president's not doing nothing -- not doing anything for the black community, talk to them. >> well, two things. tool firoy, wus the debat i ho.ometimes jus keep on saying what you are saying isn't true. it gets repetitive. but the good news is, that's just the first one. >>ean: president dirty air, dirty water, ry'der >>leimav o excuse. im not going to argue with him. if that's the way he feel, remember, there is aeport that for about a day, he thought he had won the debate. [chuckles] >> with all due respect, they
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are changing their story on everng li,itoue s o eyhag r y they are changing their story on -- on what is going on in america. this really is a desperate presidency. they are going to get tough. it is not going to be an easy foureeks in front of us. you are g p, pu lflsn an down on a daily basis, but i think they are oozing in romney's direction. the next two debates with the president are important. certainly, tomorrow night, joe bidennd paul rya i ather potve pe me surprised that -- that joe -- i think joe biden will do better than people expect, only because the expectations are so low. but i think they are going to be very impressed with paul ryan and his capacity to rll put pe ustm. eahaak e ha nrove hoax, coverup, the lie, the
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benghazi coverup? and everythinghat they told us was a lie? we'll have later -- we will have more on this later in the og yt - nein s tknryg in 2o govnor! >> but the important point is to remind people of why they are doing it. the why they are doing it is that they had been for 3 1/2 years, been lying to us about the ft tt thead t oalae, talda s onaehat the -- the threats in areas of the hot spots of the world, like north africa and moving over -- into tougher spots across all the way over to egypt. thwe pemny.ryin to t u t soen tra - a i a horrible tragedy, losing ambassador stevens, when this happened, the first thing that came to mind is, how do we cover up the big lie? th heeh malf n problem in
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succeeded. in an effort to cover up the big lie, you have the daily lyings on the terrorist issue and the president goes, we know they ew it was terrorism within the first day. th.n anyseoeopresident goes to de s t sit w spontaneous, lie. they said it was video, lie. the libyan president told us in day 1 and intelligence told them. the state department is saying, we knew it had nothing to do with the video. knen' san. avmaprm h. me bo bnd this debate, for just a second here. because they have sequestered this guy for over a week n, preparing him, you know, i guess, you know, filling his head full of zingers,s ty yow, ithe wes dythdi sms to be able to figure this out that they have a four-year record.
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it's a failed record. no matter what they say that -- congreman ryan gets to say -- why didn'do you that? iss what youo. itmse reylo >>l,k,h you are going to see that very directly. i think congressman ryan is going to bring up the failures of the administration, what they should have done and what the romney/ryan team will do when ey win in nembe gi tav t to nd bs fur sto a good soldier. he is going to do his best there. they probably have some narrative on each one of the tough issues, the stealing of faure creanbsrom medicare, the nt tore tst gav t people that almost immediately went bankrupt. all of those things, he will have a narrative. i just mope the public understands that there is the narrative, the white house is going to give and you t t. weav lederay
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gfeewe t rreynd us that misrepresentations and the truth. >> sean: i am paul ryan, i wouldn't let one lie go through without -- excuse me! that's not true. mrpresident,. wobeli ve, t s yin gtoer anu letting me come on. >> sean: coming up tonight... >> i never said that. i never said we don't know-- oh, really? jay carney is taken t ton eeni ilec with liz cheney and michelle malkin this. friday, i make my big-screen debut in at lat shrug, part 2, we have anique peek. the full clip coming upater theho i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties.
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d get to thottom of how fourmericans were killed by terrorists on the anniversary of 9/11 in benghazi, libya. they demanded answers and didn't hold back about the admistration's coverup. watch this. >> when i was in l, g aer e mon a video. never. and i am fascinated to know and understand from the president of the united states, from the secrety of state and from the ambassador to the united at.iidses jfy asro attack! >> why in the heck did itake so long for all these highly briefed and intelligent people to trito figure out that it vi!n't a 15-minute ybe ev aerrost aack? i have to tell you, it's very
9:16 pm
fortunate that trrorists don't recoize that this is an election year. they tend to do what they want any time they want to us. and when we have a weakened le clseoasround the wldnd prte w a sa you know what in this is tential because this is 27 days before an election, why are we bringing it up now? i ask the same question. where the heck were we before 9/11? amanelncatyt't lns ewhi 24 hours, it was a terror attack and we are staying it's as a result of a video. >> you are resting solely on the informion that the libyan government will provide. i would likeoasr uh,hoold at ? arotome t teigence commiee, you come before there committee and you tell us who told you it was a video?! >> >> joining me with reaction, liz ainay -- lizne
9:17 pm
cop,nein lnd hx. they have absolutely lied to the american people from day one. they knew within 24 hours what happened. where do we go from here? >> we knew before that they had the intercepts within 24 hours to warmrs aerrorac erhha followed the diplomatic security official, she followed what was going on, minute by minute. she was following it in real time. so the administration knew in real time, there wasn't a mob, they knew in real te that this wal-didac eyw eaimha i lveaeaponry, this was clearly a terrorist attack and the american people have clearly been lied to. we need to see ambassador riceurn oh. i think we need to see secretary clinton under oath. >> sean: how about the est? ca? wou t t al ts l the president even when he went to the u.n. kept going back to the stupid movie trailer nobody
9:18 pm
believed had any part of this. >> again and again and again, you saw both this coverup and i thinkt's important that they teyi breer offials t t tos st . esi, as saying it was a video, has for the most part been silent on t. have you a coverup of air terrorist attack because it doesn't fit with theirhole notion that somehow al qaeda is on the rope, which the president ntins to. ls kea guheef dtm isaep sg qaeda is ascendant throughout the middle-east. you have also got this question of why they din't have enough security. >> sean: they asked for security and they were denied. thwet lncts rodi uos, h hy t request should have been granted. but the lying and the coverup and the stonewalling is the big issue. let's look a montage of the white house's evoing sry. viceird at american
9:19 pm
embassies over an all of internet video. >> this is under investigation. the unrest around the region has been in response to thisideo acabelnc dingt ak he mon i benghazi was planned or imminent. >> it began spontaneously in benghazi. it was a spontaneous... inro cqu oat had just trapired id >> it is self evident what happened in been ben was a terrorist attack. >> we don't know yet. we will continue to investigate this. >> what happened in benghazi was arorist attack. >> then i h hrynt y ias actf >>lloing an investigation. the crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the muslimorld.
9:20 pm
>> it was a terrorist attack. >> sean: a full two weeks later, isli tmenplhin4 hos ththenos factually inaccurate. >> right. i think this is one o the wors coverups, probably in the history of the republic, in terms of, we are not talking about a policy that went aw here, we a tking at a amano leer isaio attack. at some point, the americans have to ask, who is in charge at the state department? there is a notion that secretary clinton is competentnd doing a good job, running diplomacy. the facts show othwis heteef ey day and reading the threat reports and getting briefed, or she wasn't 92 here's what it comes down to. who ran the operation in who made the decision? the white house? the state department? the state department's saying wa d o kat vedy snl sg
9:21 pm
nem. but we have yet to hear from susan rice who was saying, this was because of the video. a lot of people have asked me why would they lie about something so critically important? the reason they are ing is amane el t pdeasee a ctnaal security president. but in fact, al qaeda is on the rise. >> sean: the lie always makes things worse. th is just the beginning of the investigation. good to see you. >> thanks? >> coming up,ox news asked jay rnoi b ihe nitieaois u t baz ak. we will check in with michelle malkin. and steve wynnn unleashes on president obama and his business policies. anmy bigov d, sgh [ ryan ] it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster.
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>> sean: why tempers were flairing in the house hearing on the benghazi attack. jay carney tried to rewrite history during his aerno esrig. w,riol ory ery herie the attack was an acts of terror. watch this. >> on septemb2, the president call its terrorism. he used a phrase like active terror. why were you at this podium raysertin
9:26 pm
d k i iersm i n st. evai d k if it's terrorism. >> sean: mr. carney, you are a flat-out liar. here's the tape to prove it. you said this on september 14. >> it's actively under an p was that at... we don't have and did not have ncrete evidence to suggest that this was not in reaction to. the film. but we areio >>n:oig w akeho t number-1 new york times best seller, culture of corruption, michelle malkin is here. this is serious because people are dead. they asked for security, it was denied. cuililsw tye 24 hours this was a terror attack. they knew this had nothing to do with the film. they knew this was not
9:27 pm
spontaneous. but susan rice, jay carney, hillary clinton and the president himself, weeksater istill ting to s tomenpl wn whdos go? how does this play politically for them? >> well, i think what needs to happen, sean, every single american who is concerned about national security, who is concerned about amicans toefs a represent us needs to watch the full hearing. go look at it in the archives. go look at it on if you were not able to watch this entire four-hour streami maim dt bseneed to sit dwn kn just how deep, just how malicious and just how reckless this administration has been with the truth and with the lives of americans who were murdered on september1. ea yh. era, pay
9:28 pm
easeg. eyck t, which is this was spontaneous. now they are saying it is not, which we knew at the time. we were told by the libyan president, that wasn't true. we were told by everybody twasn't true. and then the other part hi jubut nothing to with america or the september 11 anniversary. so it's -- i think this was all connected to t president not wanting to admit tt they screwed up. and i think it's aer >> ce,s. eah. outeht at hhes of lying liars and craft weasels who are behind the scenes, trying to fure out who to hang out to dry. you saw a little bit of that maneuvering in the hearing today. thsomel sle om drahoagir fingers at t republicans who are trying to get to the bottom of the truth here, grandstanding
9:29 pm
about how this is being politicized at the same time that this current administration isgg o ben dyr l state. we got an admission -- i think this was very key from sharlene lamb, one of the state department bureaucrat, desk jockeys in washington, making cisis, rin t sh b increed security. we got an admission from her that, no, the decision that was ultimately made by her, byric boswell and all of these state coernst y caree lifers h er l democrat blaming republicans for. >> sean: part of the hoax. that's part of the coverup and the stonewalling and it's a pattern of behavior because we saw the very same thing going on in the fast & fiousss aihedmtrn. eyivugte
9:30 pm
murderers, kidnappers, drug dealers, gangsters and lo and behole surprise, the guns are used to kill a border agent and others, includinghildren. they stowalled, stonewalled and in the e eti >>t'gh inhi eiowi t this is their pattern of behavior. >> yeah. >> sean: the questions, how do we expite getting to the truth here. >> we have already heard the ne steps. darrell ice athe cirmaof t ventrsef an y, elijah cummings, are going to request a classified interview with susan rice. and tray gade said, we need to put susan rice under oath and i d teet lyiestns t liar jay carney under oathful they need to keep pressing for the trut and people need to demand it. >> sean: this is important and the families and the country, we have the right to be told the
9:31 pm
truth, especially in the lig of t fact that theyad es sit en ey kwh sh d didn't tell us the truth. >> a salute to the whistle-blowers who brought it out in the first place, once again. >> sn: absolutely. coming up... >> i am afraid of theredent havhafy atzy anti-business program this administration will come up with. >> sean: businessman, mega-job creator steve wynnn lays out the truth with the obama class warfare strategy. anecothicee fullip. m d ld m i have taken to the big screen. a sneapeek at my hollywood debut in atlas shrug part 2. we will show you, minutes away. [ isa ] myame'lisa an cha hd ui ne ld in
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>> that's 250,000 more ts presiden who wild wo himtue oualsi aob m a job creator. guys like me are job creators d we don't like having a bull's-eye on our back. the president has tried to put himself between me special m employees. >> how? byriindain rean millionaires that don't pay their share. i'm afraid of the president. i have no idea what goochy idea, what crazy, anti-business prram this administration will come up wth. i ha node. vete, jha coy is frightened of barack obama and the way he thinks. >> sean: wow. now that was steve wynn, the ceo pren horeob
9:37 pm
hes ao correct in saying the president has failed this country because as of september, there are 61,000 fewer americans working than when obama took office in january of 2009. here with reaction, the author se, tleusst en wi eint b is in just a minute. monica crowley. and from the fox business network, sandra smith. what's the bleep? >> i am not giving it up. use your imagination. >> sean: okay. ioveteven. enmehimy prvean walk me through his whole career. we spent a couple of hours together. it is a phenomenal story. 250,000 people over the course of his le -- just in vegas. he isuigacie wh at a-haukf obama. what did you think? >> absolutely. in fact, i was at the wynn encore fantastic. this guy really knows how to run
9:38 pm
his businesses. he is a democrat. heoted for obama four years th w mth is loobody should be surprised when we hear from the top job creators. barack obama once described his very brief time in the private sector as being,uote, behi enemy lines. this is how he views the private seor. thalunt'd f everybody. he said, at some point, have you made enough money. and recently, he said the private sector's doing just fine. you tell that-- this president of hope and change h- ivg hed vyerng hed din m and my employees. >> right. keep dimonnizing him as a business owner. he has vilified his profession. and he has made himself -- it turned out, made him ala h eyeho t y,ia
9:39 pm
te here. he is saying, have you made this a business unfriendly environment for me and my company to survive. but he is referencing his thousands of employee who is say that money's coming out of their ofryg'on ury day a the s hll, h ve h employees two raises in the last 18 months, even though business was down, at least that part of the business, but it was thriving in other parts. mcallen i particur. dlddeonaihe tin tar e risk-takers, demonized. >> absolutely. success is demonized. reward is demonized. you can't take risks under the oba administration because they have so taxed us and reguted jaintatup- lobster and a couple of other really big restaurants-- all you can eat shrimp by the way. >> which is awesome, by the way. he said, look back of obamacare,
9:40 pm
i have to star laying off people or reduce their hours. thdsis i dis-incentivizing ambition and success and strong business. >> sean: dave segall, wastegate resortings if any new taxes are leviedn me, our current present, weoic ed sofs mp ll forced to cut back, fewer jobs, less benefits, less opportunity. i can no longer support a system that peinallizes the proctive and gives to the unodve ihi pe ewh heg. sl lay out on a beach in the caribbean. exactly. president obama is telling thesefyguys, hey, you are flying around in your private jet, you are living the life of luxur youon'teed ain ttoe pdemaw ca h n ne he is demonizing the
9:41 pm
job growers. >> sean: i bet you the pilots of the private jets are happy they have a job. >> absolutely. hello! look, knows perfectly wel what he is doing. i k sd. dis-incentivize work and get people dependent on government. that's the objective. that's why he is not breaking a sweat. >> sean: i hope paul ryan brings up these points tomorrow night. >> yeah. he's going to be brilliant tomoow. >>hie ng b ilt. hioeidile t nsom go. th he might have to play it so safe that his arguments may be ineffective. >> sean: good to see you. coming up, the mother of a fallen navy seal says that the white house actually put a target on heronache raha kd osama bin laden. e and he husband are here. coming up next, and my movie debut on atlas shrug 2, straight ahead. ♪
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yendfotiorenpeaancre.nade saoe tvo5-hour energy? m . new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feelinyou need and support breast cancer research and access to care. >> sean: in a brand-new political ad, it is mothered of a fallen navy seal team 6 member says, the administration put a target on her son's back, following the bi laden raid. >>aronaede, h w emses ha, y need to wipe your social media clean. get rid of anything. any reference of me o my buddies because there is chater and all of our livesre possibly in danger, including s. mulaiefoios >> we all agreed that we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin laden. that all fell apart the next
9:47 pm
day. >> navy seals in what theyid >>owe t. ut a target on my son's back. and even on my back! but a little over 90 days later, my son was dead. >> national security leaks threaten aricanes eeeawh ust at te f aonris responsible for the content of this advertising. >> sean: talking to me, the parents of fallen navy seal 6 member, karen and billy vghn, thank you both. i am very, veryorbohe our s, icer k foei here. >> thank you, sean. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: when you say that they put a target on my son's back... explain? >> well, you know, here's the way i look att. its verpl woshent wake out the main
9:48 pm
figurehead for al qaeda, for everything that has been waged against our country, it is very simple to me that if we announce th a h-- fck ae for tha erhr ioioea e heplwho are responsible for taking that man out. at least all attempts possible. so that's what i mean by putting a target on his back. >> sean: thedidn't have to mention this w seal team 6. they could have announcedhe amn n wle eyn've w did it, what branch of the military did it. is that in part what you are saying? >> absolutely. yes. absolutely. i can tell you that the community was stunned by the itrentnd emdaou sha y think -- the president's been out there piking the football, as partave campaign issue that he got bin laden and bin laden's dead. but yet when -- when your son
9:49 pm
and sea team 6be w co'twheecw wla tensions of radical islamists. do you find that hypocrital? >> very hypocrital, sean. how do you enflame these people? we can't make themng u ay. our warriors need to be allowed to carry out the missions they are assigned and they don't -- they don't -- they need to carry -- they need their identities kept secret. but they need to be allowed to arra to. es e wor co hihe w to the taliban, to al qaeda... if this administration -- if president obottom would just recognize the enemy give them rules of engagement that favor them instead of leveling the playg fi fem eipha required to carry out their
9:50 pm
missions and i mention those three things because those are other issues tha we have found in searching a looking at what happened to aaron and the warriors on that n, re thi.. reeraswh this chopper was shot dn, why this largest loss in the single day in the 10-year war on terror... was caused. and also the largest loss in the historfalpe ar s lasous cath rules of engagem -- a lot of people don't know this, the father ofnother fallen hero who was angry at a form letter that was sent to him and he has spoken out... wamtedhahet sagt t guys are working under, this is a war, you don't put handcuffs on heroes and send them out there to fight, bring them home. there is no point.
9:51 pm
sono y atuch that, as y wat risk, i can't imagine how you feel. i mean, there is nothing worse for a parent than losing their child. >> sean,t all the same. the benghazi coverup, what is going on in t me-, atgohaan aec ohi idens ideology and the strategy used by our military and our president is directly responsible for the rules of engagement. let me just say this. on the night that extortion 17 wa shon,s a omily e led at tfghan national army, the afghan national police, the ghan security ministry, are all involved in every single special ops mission narcotic pre-planning, theos. kheliouof ehos. atho fewhe that night in a place that had been cleared 7 times, according to
9:52 pm
our military, by our warriors and turned back over to the afghs. 3 1/2-hour fire fight under way and ourhownh 30 gunship, two h-64s and they were not allowed to give any pre-assault fire. they land the the chopper like it was wal-mart. when the chopper was shutshot down, neither were thec30 o e tr aowed take out the savage who is fired the rpgs because they were standing on a tower. unr the rules of engagement, they didn't know if there might be friend lis in the building. they areriminal for our >>n:gritl at ths w w also found out in the testimony of one of the commanders in the field that he actually said something like this was bound to eventually happen. >> exactly. >> the way we are operating. >> sean: i saw that. st question, am running out time, boan
9:53 pm
estam top spiking the football on bin laden on the campaign trail? >> we -- well, he doesn't have the character to quit because everything is about president obama. always about -- but, yes, we foll h tuipi t whives anin c. want the rules o engagement change we want some high-up military officer to have the courage and risk all and scream out, what is sodyasveg to our wio? indf protecting this commander in chief and his cronies. >> sean: mr. and mrsvaughn, nothing worse than losing a hero, a son. thank you for telling your story, being with us. you are in our thoughtsnd prers. >>n:the b cl hbe wng r, hollywood debut, that's next. [ anc wo'tbel
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
iftohesati [ anc wo'tbel animed arvehin gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would cool. ntciheply mad anim it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ t fair share law will
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
9:58 pm
result in failure -- >> you want more people in the marketplace, especially when you see the price of gas, when you see the price of goods in america today, you understand, you want people who are working hard -- thi' s--os neier aree ke etn. eae s created a metal that is stronger, lighter, cheaper. an exclusive look at the film, atla strug part 2. i am joined by the producers of theil odseou w ? ttoo >> one take. it was extraordinary. i mean, we did about 5 minutes. one take. 14, seconds and i mean, no academy-award nomination, but you did good. >>ean: wdo m w ys ths elevant --
9:59 pm
fair-share law, redistribution of wealth. i ran as a visionary. >> we need a capitalist in the white house. apiahae i have peopl who an 1100-page warning-- but it's coming true. >> well-- fair-share law. redestruction. let me get your partner in here. you want to weigh in? >> oh, yeah. absotely. what is interestings, you hav eeytt i br. we ithat stk,he pdealking about everybody should have their fair share. what a great opportunity for us to be in theaters before the election, hopefly, the people grtdeasbollut and celebrate the venteear, dialht 'sreat opportunity for all of us. >> sean: if people see this -- i am convinced, i was asked by the hollywood reporter tonight, i am convced this, will make them more aware of the

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